CFL Street Lighting System

Automatic dusk to dawn (DTDC)/Timer Operation
Galvanized/Power coated mounting poles & structures. Customized & Centralized solar street light offered.

Solar Home Lighting System

Temparature compensated battery set points    Elegant and efficient luminaries .Advanced micro controller based charged controller. Ensure longer battery life.

Led Based Lighting System

Available in single & twin arm systems              High efficiency poly or mono crystalline solar PV modules. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

Off Grid Solar Power Plant

Off grid systems used to generate electricity these systems are ideal for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive.

“Today, Towards Tomorrow”

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A typical solar home lighting system provided by INSILICA comprises of photovoltaic module (IEC-61215, IEC-61730 tested & certified by TUV Rheinland, IEC-61701 certified for Salt Mist Test by UL Lab) for charging of battery, solar deep cycle battery for storage, solar charge controller for proper charging & discharging of battery, lighting sources & provision for connecting other DC loads lights, fans etc., depends upon the model & complete set of installation hardware.

The solar home lighting system is an excellent solution for household level electrification in rural & urban areas to homes that are not connected to greed or uneven grid supply.


Sl.No. Model Module Battery SCCU Load
1 INSHL02 12V,20Wp 12V,20Ah 12V 05A CFL-7W X2
2 INSHl03 12V,30Wp 12V,40Ah 12V 05A CFL-7W X1, CFL-9WX1
3 INSHL04 12V,40Wp 120V,60Ah 12V 05A CFL-7W X2,CFL-9WX1, CFL-11WX1
4 INSHL06 12V,60Wp 12V,75Ah 12V 10A CFL-7WX2, CFL-9WX3, CFL-11WX1
5 INSHLM2 12V,37Wp 12V,40Ah 12V06A CFL-9/11WX2
6 INSHLM3 12V,74Wp 12V,75Ah 12V10A CFL-9/11WX2 & DC FanX1
7 INSHLM4 12V,74W 12V,75Ah 12V10A CFL9/11WX4

Sl.No. Model Module Battery SCCU Load
8 INSLED3/2 12V,12Wp 12V,7.0Ah 12V05A LED 3WX2
9 INSLED3/4 12V,20Wp 12V,20Ah 12V05A Led 3WX4
10 INSLED3/6 12V,40Wp 12V,40Ah 12V05A LED 3WX6
11 INSLED3/8 12V,60Wp 12V,75Ah 12V10A LED 3WX8
12 INSLED5/2 12V,20Wp 12V,26Ah 12V05A LED 5WX2
13 INSLED5/4 12V,37Wp 12V40Ah 12V05A LED 5WX4
14 INSLED5/6 12V,60Wp 12V60Ah 12V10A LED 5WX6
15 INSLED5/8 12V,75Wp 12V75 12V10A LED 5WX8

Colours, Design & Specifications are subject to change without notice


  • Customized load, as per company specified based on wattage of the system
  • Advanced micro controller based charged controller
  • Wall mounted /hanging luminaries, night lamp option is provided
  • Temperature compensated battery set points
  • Adequate protections & indications
  • Adequate cable & connectors
  • Ensured longer battery life
  • Efficient charge controller
  • Elegant and efficient luminaries
  • Free from noise ,smoke & pollution
  • Requires very little attention