CFL Street Lighting System

Automatic dusk to dawn (DTDC)/Timer Operation
Galvanized/Power coated mounting poles & structures. Customized & Centralized solar street light offered.

Solar Home Lighting System

Temparature compensated battery set points    Elegant and efficient luminaries .Advanced micro controller based charged controller. Ensure longer battery life.

Led Based Lighting System

Available in single & twin arm systems              High efficiency poly or mono crystalline solar PV modules. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

Off Grid Solar Power Plant

Off grid systems used to generate electricity these systems are ideal for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive.

“Today, Towards Tomorrow”

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Solar Pump :

What are Solar Water Pumps ?

"Solar pumping systems work anywhere the sun shines. Pumping water is a sensible and effective use of solar. Electric power. During the hot months, when water requirements are highest, a solar pump will provide a reliable water source for a farm.

A solar pumping system is available for almost all applications where an electric pump can be used. Because solar energy varies from one location to another, and over the course of a day, system design is important. Adequate water storage ensures that water is available whenever needed, and balances daily variations in water supply and demand. Thus a small pump only running when the sun shines, plus water storage, can often provide all that is requiremed for water supply."

Working Principle of the Solar Water Pump:

1. Irrigation

"A solar water pump is an ideal tool for farmers. They can move or transfer water from nearby sources such as lake or rivers to irrigate the crops using solar water pump. Farmers and avid gardeners will be able to save on their. irrigation budget for using solar water pump, instead of fuel-powered pumps."

2. Livestock

"Ranch owners can also benefit a lot from using solar water pump. They can provide water for their animals in a cost-effective and easy way. The solar water pump can generate water from deep wells, streams, pond, and even pipelines."

3. Garden Fountains

"Aside from functional purposes, a solar water pump can also be used as a cost-effective way to generate water for your garden fountains. Many household owners use their water pumps as fountains which give the house a different yet refreshing ambiance. You will be able to save a huge amount of energy especially if you want your water fountains work for several hours a day. In fact, you can turn it on continuously and not worry about paying huge power bills."

4. Home Supply

"Many environmentalists agree that using solar water pump at home is one of the best ways to go “green.” For domestic water use, a booster pump should be used especially if the water source is shallow."

5. Large Scale Watering System for Commercial Establishments

"Solar water pump is now also being used in huge cities. Various large establishments such as hotels, apartments, condominiums and even government buildings implement solar water pumps in order to save on their power expenses."

6. Water Treatment Systems

"In areas where the quality of water is very poor, government and private companies use water purification process which requires water pumping. Solar water pumps can be used as a cost-effective substitute for fuel-powered pumping machines. "

Solar water pump working schematic diagram:


  • Lifetime is 10 years.
  • Maintenance-free,high efficiency,automatic.
  • Energy-saving and environment-protected green products.
  • High-tech from Germany and approve CE and RoHS certificate.

Main Parts:

Sumbersible Helical Rotor Brushless DC Pump

Attractive design

Made of stainless steel and brass

Excellent structure

Utilises stator and rotor doubleplastic patented technology for insulation.

Brass coil

Motor insulation degree is larger than 300M ohm which greatly enhances the safety and reliability of motor.

DC Controller advantages:

  • Automatic operation;
  • Prevents dry play protection;
  • MPPT double water level detection control;
  • Charging function allows controller to operate 24 hours a day.

A+ Class Solar Panel :

Solar Panel for Solar Water pump :

  1. Class-A+ solar cells undergo a chemical surface micro-texturing process that improves their ability to capture light.
  2. Imported solar cells with industry-leading manufacturing techniques to create high conversion efficiency solar cells
  3. 3.2mm tempered glass, special technology for scratch resistance,stronger and more durable
  4. High strength aluminum frame at 1.8~2mm thickness, no deformation and high wind resistance
  5. Anti-aging junction box, with bypass diodes inside to minimize the power drop caused by shade

Float Sensor

There are two kinds of water level sensor: one is a source water level sensor; the other is a water-filled water level sensor.