CFL Street Lighting System

Automatic dusk to dawn (DTDC)/Timer Operation
Galvanized/Power coated mounting poles & structures. Customized & Centralized solar street light offered.

Solar Home Lighting System

Temparature compensated battery set points    Elegant and efficient luminaries .Advanced micro controller based charged controller. Ensure longer battery life.

Led Based Lighting System

Available in single & twin arm systems              High efficiency poly or mono crystalline solar PV modules. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

Off Grid Solar Power Plant

Off grid systems used to generate electricity these systems are ideal for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive.


Street Lighting System

Automatic dusk to dawn (DTDC)/Timer operation. Galvanized/Powder Coated Mounting poles & Structures.

Solar Power Plant

Off grid systems used to generate electricity that makes use of solar power. PV, grid-tie systems convert sunlight into electric current.

Home Light

Customized load, as per company specified based on wattage of the system. Requires very little attention

300 LPD Model

Outer Clading of Storage tank is powder coated Aluminium Sheet. Selective Black chrome plating for higher efficiency.

Solar Water Heating System

BIS approved collector. Reliable, affordable and versatile. Easy to install and operate. Compact design and best aesthetics.

Evaculated Tube Collector

Approved by MNES. Exellent installation of glass tubes-vocuum. Selective coated glass tubes.

Solar Pump

"Solar pumping systems work anywhere the sun shines. Pumping water is a sensible and effective use of solar.

Solar Lantern

Approved and tested as per MNRE specifications. Mobile charging options for LED based Lantern

Solar Powered Fencing

Ibex Gallagher in collaboration with Gallagher Group Ltd., New Zealand, designs, manufactures, installs.